Networking Workshops for Critical Computational Research, Winter Term 2023/2024 & Summer Term 2024

We support/(co-)fund conceptual workshops of initiatives, which seek to build networks to develop collaborative research projects ("Verbundforschungsprojekte") on any scale on critical computational research. We are especially looking for groups that are interested in

  1. developing critical computational methods in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects and applying them across multiple domains;
  2. creating experimental laboratories to develop complex system understandings using critical computational methods and by establishing cross-domain research objects;
  3. advancing the establishment of critical computational methodology to reflect and shape current transformation processes in society and research - our (post)digital future.

Proposals can be short (2 pager). Please briefly lay out:

  • Your research idea and how it fits Critical Computational Studies.
  • Who is on board or whom you wish to bring onboard from within Goethe University.
  • For which collaborative research funding, if any, you are aiming at.
  • A rough roadmap and a rough calculation of costs.

We will decide on a rolling basis. If you have any questions, please let us know.