Curious 2024 - Future Insight Conference

Workshop on AI and Democracy: Navigating Transformative Change, Innovation, and Regulation​

with Prof. Dr. Christoph Burchard, LL.M (NYU), Prof.'in Dr. Jeanette Hofmann, and Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer

Sustainable and responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make Europe strong in global competition, both economically and politically. Likewise, AI is reshaping democracy by transforming social institutions, political participation and policy-making. It is therefore key to navigate responsibly between transformative change, innovation, and regulation. This panel will explore how AI can enhance democracy, address risks of unpredictability and opacity, and the importance of justifiable oversight to ensure AI developments contribute positively to sustainable democratic governance.


Our Speakers:


Prof. Dr. Christoph Burchard, LL.M (NYU)


Prof.'in Dr. Jeanette Hofmann


Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer



About the conference:

The Future Insight e.V. association unites like-minded individuals and organizations in its mission to support the advancement of science and education for the benefit of humanity, aligned on the three fundamental principles of truth, love, and hope – science, ethics, and inspiration. We foster collaboration, promote innovation, and support transformative initiatives, nurturing the peaceful use of science for a better tomorrow.  

The Future Insight e.V. organizes the triennial Curious – Future Insight Conference together with hundreds of partners. The first conference was initiated by Merck, the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company, on its 350th anniversary in 2018, and triggered the birth of this global movement.  Join us at the Curious, a global summit tackling challenges and driving innovation. Our commitment: championing science, education, and ethics, pursuing limitless possibilities.


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