Explorative Workshop

Explorative Workshop

As part of our founding strategy and in our first round of recruitment, C3S is seeking as soon as possible to fill the positions of

  • Two professorships at the interface between classical network science and graph machine learning
  • Two professorships for the modeling of climate change, namely:
    one for the modeling of the social and/or socio-economic drivers and impacts of ongoing climate change
    one for the modeling of ecosystems and/or biodiversity and their interrelation with ongoing climate change

Goethe University will make appointments to the new center in extraordinary appointment procedures in accordance with the currently valid appointment statutes. Prior to this, thematically clustered explorative workshops in the outlined research areas will be held.

In an explorative workshop from 25 to 27 June in Frankfurt am Main, we will invite candidates to showcase their expertise and cross-disciplinary interests in a dynamic, engaging, and collaborative environment. Neither your application for the workshop nor the workshop as such are part of the formal hiring process.

Find more information on the Explorative Workshop and how to apply here.

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