25 April 2023

This website draws on artwork created (?) by AI. This includes the architectual composition, which is not reflective of our campus to come.

Although there is no accounting for taste, we still need to reflect on our artwork. Hence, stay tuned for a workshop, taking place in Winter Term 2023/2024, on how large generative AI models (LGAIM) impact our understanding of art, creativity, and innovation.

For the architectual composition that you see attached to this post, we used this prompt: "3d Architectual Drawing of: The Center for Critical Computational Studies (C3S) is a newly founded hub for inter- and transdisciplinary research at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany. To establish and further critical computational studies, it brings together diverse disciplines, ranging from computer, life, and social sciences to health and the humanities."

For the abstract composition that you see attached to this post, we used this prompt: "A Research Center of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. The Center has three missions: Designing trustworthy, sustainable and justifiable computational methods; understanding critical systems' transformations by computational means; exploring how computational technologies shape social realities. Abstract Digital Art, bright colors including, but not limited to, dark blue, grey, pink, white background."


Christoph Burchard