Affiliation and Association of Principal Investigators

We are constantly seeking to win new affiliated principal investigators (PIs) from within Goethe-University, and associated principal investigators from outside Goethe-University. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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According to the Charter and the Internal Rules of Procedure (IRP) of C3S, PIs have shown expertise in Critical Computational Studies and/or its subfields and, as a rule, a doctorate or comparable degree. PIs contribute to the implementation of the current as well as the design of the future profiles of C3S. Affiliation/association normally takes place step-by-step, and first takes place in the context of a research, teaching or transfer project. The project exhibts a sufficient fit with and an added value to the current research profiles of C3S. Suitable projects include

  • Development and/or implementation of C3S-related teaching modules that can be used permanently by the C3S, including in continuing academic education.
  • Development and application of C3S-related third-party funding proposals.
  • Situating ongoing research projects, in particular those funded by third-parties, at C3S.
  • Organisation and implementation of C3S-related transfer activities.

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