Recruitment of new professors

Over the next years, we are recruiting at least twelve new professors (W1 TT/W2 TT/ W3) as ordinary principal investigators. They include, but are not limted to, professors of Sustainable Computing; Advanced Simulation in Life and Social Science; Predictions in Complex Systems; Computational Climate/ Climate Impact/ Earth System Science; Critical Data Analytics; Science and Technology Studies; Critical Computational Methodology; Ethics in Computation.

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The process of concretizing and scouting for four Anchor Professorships will commence in summer term 2023
  • Simulations in Life Sciences, e.g. Hybrid Multi-Scale Simulations
  • Sustainable Computing
  • Critical Data Analytics
  • Critical Computational Methodology

The Anchor Professorships, with their diverse, yet core disciplinary backgrounds (life science, computer science, social science, humanities) and complementary expertise (algorithmic, data etc.), will provide C3S with the necessary permanent core faculty. This will prove crucial to tackle the many tasks ahead, and to activate C3S as a vital player in the current excellence initiative.

The process of concretizing the research and teaching profiles of the Anchor Professorships will be integrative and participative. C3S is now approaching the "Fachbereiche", "Profilbereiche" and other actors of Goethe University for advice and input.

C3S is also in the process of setting up, per the Internal Rules of Procedure, a Recruitment Advisory Board (RAB) to help C3S identify innovative and powerful fields of research.

In so doing, C3S will also draw on the adivice of an International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB), which the Presidium of Goethe University is currently setting up.

The actual hiring process will of course follow the procedures laid out in the "Berufungssatzung" of Goethe University.

There will be two further scouting symposia, likely in April 2024 and in September 2024.

More information will follow in due time.