Application for the Second Exploratory Workshop

Thank you for your interest in the Second Exploratory Workshop of C3S. We are looking forward to your application to join us in Frankfurt from October 8th to 10th, 2024.

The application deadline is July 4th, 2024. You will hear back from us by the end of July 2024. We will cover travel and accommodation costs for invited speakers within our usual regulations.

Please note that the workshop is not part of any formal hiring process, but will pave the way for the formal hiring process, which will be conducted by extraordinary recruitment committees ("Findungskommissionen") pursuant to the Rules of Recruitment (Berufungssatzung) of Goethe University Frankfurt. The extraordinary selection committees will be constituted after the explorative workshop. Given your consent (see below), your data and material from your application to the workshop can be forwarded to the extraordinary selection committees.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at this address.


PDF Documents

1. Please generate a single PDF file (max. 5 MB) containing, in this order,

  • Cover Letter
  • Scientific CV
  • Full List of Publications
  • Full List of Courses Taught
  • Student Evaluation (last three years only, excluding student comments etc.)

Please name your PDF as follows: [Your Surname]_[Your First Given Name]_Documents.pdf

2. Please generate another single PDF file (max. 10 MB) containing

  • three of your most relevant publications.
  • a short explanation of your selection.

Please name your PDF as follows: [Your Surname]_[Your First Given Name]_Publications.pdf

Personal Data

Current and Previous Postion

Academic Formation

Academic Awards / Prices etc


Please list the number of your major publications (including peer reviewed articles, books, book chapters, edited volumes etc., but excluding opinion pieces etc).

Then list the three major publications you selected for submitting in the PDF (see above). Please indicate original title, journal (for journal articles) or publisher (for books etc.), possible co-authors etc.


Research Interests

Third Party Funding

Leadership Experience etc

e.g. as Dean, Steering Commitees of Funding Organisations, Member of Editorial Boards etc.


In order to coordinate the Workshop with your availability, please indicate when you are likely able to join in Frankfurt in person. Your presence will likely only be required for two consecutive days.*

Privacy Policy

General Privacy Policy*
Forwarding of Data and Material to Extraordinary Recruitment Committees*


Please note: If the submit button does not respond, check for required data input above (marked by *, mentioned in red). Depending on the speed of your network and size of uploaded files submission may take a few seconds.